Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Great Phone Debate

Eric and I are in discussions regarding new phones.  Since we're living on a teacher's salary, with a imminent remodel on the horizon, money is tight, to say the least.  He has found a great deal with Vi*gin Mobile service but reviews are mixed.  I think I would like the phone - it's a Samsung Intercept.  But I love, love, love my Blackberry Curve so I'm hesitant to change.  The Intercept is an Android (no clue what that means) with a touchscreen and slide out full keyboard.

As part of our discussion, he jokingly said I should post it on my blog for input from readers.  I responded with, "I don't think anyone reads my blog."  He laughed because he always says to me when I make him pose for a picture.  For the blog.

I maintain three blogs.  Why three?  Well, I'm Type-A.  I don't want topics to blend.  Makes total sense, right?  Nonetheless, despite my clean lines between blogs, there are very few followers on any of the three.  Alexander's blog is in the lead with twenty-four followers, this blog has twenty-two followers, and the house remodel has...two (thanks Jo-Jo and Auntie!). 

Like any other normal person, there are days when I wonder why I bother.  Why spend the time when no one is reading it? 
Then, I open my email and read, "Alexander is too adorable for words and Marigold is beautiful.  What a joy it is to read and see your blog.  Aunt Dotty."
Aunt Dotty is my mom's best friend.  I had no idea she followed Alexander's blog.  I guess I really don't know or can pretend to guess who reads the blogs.

What began as a way to record Alexander's life and keep loved ones updated has become one of my favorite pasttimes.  Updating the blogs is a release that I need.  From the time I was a little girl, I loved writing in journals.  I tried scrapbooking but the perfectionist in me struggled with each page.  Now, I can type out my thoughts and add pictures along the way.  I take pictures that I normally wouldn't force others to pose for and blame it on the blog.  When an event occurs, I think how I can't wait to blog it.  And in my free time, I love to surf other blogs out there, even if I don't comment.

In the end, comments from readers aren't necessary. 
Unless I want feedback on phones.
So, if you happen to have the Samsung Intercept, or Vi*gin Mobile service, or have an Android phone (and can explain what it does to me), I'd appreciate hearing from you!

Or not.  Again, the comments isn't what is important about the blogs. 
What's important is that I have found something I love doing and I'm going to keep doing it until I run out of things to say.  Or Alexander reaches an age where he no longer wants me to share his life with the world.
I figure that gives me at least eight more years.


  1. I think comments are very important. I suppose it's an elementary need to be included? I also read several blogs that I don't comment on.. but mostly that's beacause they have hundreds (thousands!) of followers and with that many comments a blog is not really the intimate "getting to know someone" that I prefer. I will usually comment on a blog that has less than 20 comments... but sometimes I do just read an not comment.

    Bah! That was a mouthful! LOL!

    Anyway, I have an Android phone. Verizon's Motorola Droid... Android is an operating system. I used to have a Curve and loved it at the time. Now, I can't imagine!!! My SIL has one and it's like a dinosaur! No offense!!! I know nothing about Virgin Mobile or what they offer... but what I can say is make sure that they have good coverage (not just by what they say... but what others with VM say) because I'm not sure exactly where you live but in our lovely state of trees and water, sometimes service is a biotch! That is originally why I didn't get an Iphone because I was stubborn about keeping Verizon. They absolutely have the best coverage around here. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a signal! I'm really glad I waited it out also because I *hands down* love my Droid way more than any iphones I've played/tinkered with. But there are several apple junkies out there that love their apples, I'm just not one of them. I think it's a conspiracy! HAHAHAHA! :0)

    Woah! That was a lot too. This is an extra big comment!!! HAHAHA!

  2. 1- I don't know much about Blackberrys- but I know that an android functions are the PC version of an iPhone functions I believe ...which means you will probably LOVE it. Plus, saving money is always a good thing.

    And you have a good attitude about your blogs- if you do it for yourself, readers will follow. The funny thing is, any amount of followers makes me feel great. :0)

  3. Humm I am not going to lie. I love comments. But I also follow lots of blogs that I never comment on.
    And I wonder how people get 1765787987987 followers?

    Some times I just peak in.

    But I also do it for the release. Its good for the soul so to speak. Better out than in...

    Per phones I have a cell phone that is about 100 years old but is similar to the one pictured it is a samsung gravity and i LOVE the full key board. Per the crackberry I used to have I Would prefer a smart phone so you can actually see stuff or things you are searching online? that and it has millions of cool things it can do!


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