Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Fun Night and a Senior Picture

Tonight, I am going out with some of my favorite people. 

This picture was taken almost a year ago, when we met on the first of what would become many nights over the past year.

I have known them over half of my life.  Ok, more than half of my life if I did the math correctly.  Unfortunately, I think I did. 

  We met in 7th grade, have birthdays one week apart, and plan to celebrate our 40th in Vegas in October.  She's a member of the herd and the person I would call if I ever needed to bury a body.  She'd bring a shovel and take my secret to her grave.
Joe:  We met in 1st grade and he is the only person who I had a class with every single year of public school.  We attended college 40 minutes away from each other, too.  And he is the most genuine man I know.
Chris:  We met in high school, as freshman in history (he says PE) class.  He was my date to Homecoming my senior year.  And he makes me laugh. 

These are friends from my childhood.  Friends who knew and accepted me with long mousy hair, braces, and a really obnoxious personality. 

Circa 1989

Over the years, each of us has wandered in and out of one another's lives.  After we had our 20 year high school reunion, we started meeting once a month (or so) to hang out.  Actually, that didn't start until we hung out after the high school football game last year but whatever. Turns out we still have a lot of fun together.  They are good people who make me a better person for knowing them.

It's going to be a fun night.  A very fun night, indeed! 
Now...what should I wear??

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