Sunday, December 12, 2010

An idea for the Santa pictures

One thing I've struggled with is what to do with the pictures of Santa and Alexander.  Do I frame them?  Do I create a collage of them (assuming he'll do this for me every year for the rest of his natural born life)? 
Then I saw this project at my girlfriends house and I HAD TO DO IT.

Gold holiday ribbon
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Family Christmas cards
Holiday pictures with Santa
Glass of wine (optional)
1. Cut a strip of gold ribbon based on number of Santa pictures or length of wall where final project will hang

2. Write the year of Santa photo below the picture in silver (or gold) sharpie

3.  Sip wine
4.  Fold back the cardboard frame of holiday picture and glue the family christmas card to it as a keepsake
5.  Hot glue each picture to the ribbon
6.  Ice any burned parts of fingers
7.  Sip more wine
8.  Hang project

I was surprised at how simple and easy this project was to do.
And now I have a wonderful display for years to come!

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