Monday, December 6, 2010

December Goals

First, let's check in to see how I did with November's goals...

Stick to online Weight Watchers for the entire month. CHECK!  And they switched the numbers on me.  And I haven't lost weight.  And I STILL stuck with it.  Booyah!

Return all the new clothes that I'm not keeping and put away the credit card until after the holidays. Mostly check.  I have a new bag of clothes to return but this month's credit card bill was lower.

Keep my cool when I arrive home to find the house looking like a hurricane ran through it. CHECK!  Eric even noticed and, unprompted, commented on it the other night.  This is progress!

Since I can't shop for myself, I'll put together holiday wish lists for us 3 and start creating lists for family gifts. CHECK!  All packages have been mailed and all my shopping is done, except for my Mom.

Figure out which pictures to use for the annual Christmas card and have the cards printed.  Kinda check.  I figured out the pictures but am waiting for card production.

Read 5 books. CHECK.  Six days of Thanksgiving break didn't hurt.

Run. Once a week. CHECK!  And I think I'm running another half marathon in May...OY!

So, onto December's goals:

1.  Write Christmas letter, print Christmas cards and address all the envelopes before December 20.
2.  Figure out what to do for additional Christmas decorations for our house.  The tree is up but the rest of the house looks kinda...blah.  And I have NO artistic ability and a weird house design so I'm kinda stuck on what to do.
3.  Mail a personal card to a family member or friend at least once a week.
4.  Stay on Weight Watcher points over the holiday break and commit to sticking to my points at every holiday event!
5.  Run 4 times over winter break
6.  Recommit to update our finances and stay on budget in 2011- using budget spreadsheet
7.  Plan Alexander's birthday party, including the purchasing of all supplies.  Since I have a tendency to go overboard as compensation for his birthday being 2 weeks after Christmas, I'm certain this year will be no different.

Here's hoping the third month of goal setting is a successful one.
Tminus 14 days to Winter Vacation.  I'm so ready.

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  1. Thank you for letting me be one of the personal cards! i love my tape "thingy". It's kinda funny, but everytime I see one I think that I should get one but just never do! Now I can have one of my own! Thank you so much! It was a great end to a crappy starting day!
    love you!


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