Sunday, December 19, 2010

In the Dark

A huge storm came through Friday night.  It rocked the house for hours. 

Normally, this would have freaked me out but I may or may not have taken a couple of Excedrin PM's because I may or may not have spent the evening, drinking with friends so I may or may not have slept through the entire storm.  
However, I was awoken from my drunken stupor when  Alexander woke up and realized his night light wasn't working.  He started screaming, which led to crying, which led to a puking (tricky gag reflex), which led to a trembling toddler who insisted on sleeping with us at 1AM. 

The kid has never wants to cuddle up to sleep so I didn't argue when he insisted I hold his hand and cuddle with him. If my baby wanted to cuddle, who was I to argue?

Early Saturday morning, Eric fired up the generator to warm the house up while Alexander and I bundled ourselves for a Santa Train ride.  Auntie Kimmie (coffee in hand!) and Lorelli arrived to pick us up and while we were enjoying ourselves on the Santa Train, Eric "macgyver'd" the wiring so Alexander's room could have power and a toddler wouldn't be scared of the dark.  Good Daddy.

He still insisted on sleeping with us last night.  
I didn't argue.

The power came on about 2:30 this morning, and the lights were a blazin'.
All is back to normal.

And I have two weeks of vacation to enjoy!

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