Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Break

The best thing about Winter Break is the excuse to do absolutely nothing at all.

It's the fact that I don't have to do anything productive in the next two weeks. 

Dishes can pile up.
Laundry can pile up.
Clutter can pile up.
And I won't care.

Ok, that's a total lie.

  I really don't start vacations until the house is clean (is anyone else that Type A?) so I spent most of this past weekend, cleaning our house.  However, with a vacation, I don't have to try to cram all that cleaning into a couple of hours, while the boys nap.  Life slows down. 
And I give myself permission to slow down, too.

Instead, we will go to the mall in the mornings to walk.  We visited Santa today.  I will shop.  And shop.  And shop.  I even threw in a yoga session today.  Impressive, I know.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll start the 30 day shred (anyone taking bets?)

I think about finishing those jobs.

I'm not ready to tackle them just yet.   

Oh, you want to see the picture with Santa?  
I think I'll spend some time thinking how cute my kid is instead of doing the dishes tonight. 


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