Sunday, December 12, 2010

Playing the Villain

Does anyone like the villain?

In this new job of mine, I've had to make a few changes to our high school dance culture.  We've already battled the "go drunk to the dance" era.  That battle has been waged and won.  To me, that's the harder battle so I'm grateful I don't have to step into that mess.

Now, it is the battle for appropriate music and dancing.  I'm all for a fun dance.  I'm all for good, clean fun in high school.  I'm even in support of having a little unclean fun while in high school but not AT the high school (it helps to have some experiences when one enters college so they don't go completely overboard.  i.e. Michelle circa 1990).   However, to get to the good, clean high school fun at a high school dance, I'm going to have to wage the battle.  I have to make changes to music and I have to enforce the rules.  I have to listen to parents complain about the dancing and listen to the kids complain about the music. I have to dive into the middle of the smelly, overly warm, disgusting crowd and clean up the dancing. 
Over and over and over again.
It's so gross.

I am the villain.

I have to remind myself that I'm doing my job.   I have to remind myself that it will take time for kids to adjust to the changes I'm making to the dances.  I have to remind myself that what I am doing, I am doing for the good of the school.  I'm not doing it for those who complain the loudest about "wasting money on a dance that has terrible music" simply because they don't like the music. I have to remind myself, by making these changes, there will be students who attend and take the place of those who are unhappy.  I am doing it so ALL kids at our school feel comfortable at a school event.  It isn't about making money.  It's about giving opportunities to students to be a part of something at school.

I am still the villain.

And that just doesn't feel very good.  Especially to someone who is used to feeling like a hero.

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