Friday, September 3, 2010

And I STILL love my job - split pants and all!

Recap of today's events:

7:45am - Pants split while bending to pick up a box of handbooks in the book room (thankfully, I was alone).    Ended up spending the day in sweats, trying to act all administrative-like while speaking to classes about the handbook and school rules.  
Yes.  You may laugh.

 The Rip.

8:45-12:45 - Full power outage. Really, do I need to say more?

1:30-2:15PM- Kick off assembly with new sound system in gym. Power outage messed up the settings with system and lighting but kids were awesome about the issues.  The perfectionist in me wanted to throw up.

3:15 - 5:30pm - Home with boys.  Ate dinner and hung out.  And changed into jeans.  Let's hope they hold up better than today's clothing selection.

5:30-11pm - Supervision at football game and after game dance.  

11:30PM - Beer in hand.

And I loved every minute...well, except the part where my ass was hanging out of my pants.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Oh man, that is so something that would happen to me! So sorry about that... and all of the power outage stuff! Sucky!

  2. but the "ass hanging out of my pants" part is my favorite! I never laughed so hard! I can imagine the heels with sweats was also a good look! You make me smile everyday! thank you for that!


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