Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 6: Five people who mean a lot to me.
I think this is a loaded question.  And the Libra in me hates it. 
What if I offend someone who isn't in the 5?  And again, it goes wihout saying,
Alexander and Eric would be first on the list/
This question makes me dislike this blog challenge but I'm committed...

1.  Leadership Camp Senior Counselors: 
They inspire me, challenge me, and push me to better than I am.  They remind me of the good in people.  Despite camp being seven days, and all of us are on our best behavior, I trust these folks to be honest with me.  They are incredible people who live the Rainier Magic every day of their lives.  It's just who they are and I aspire to be more like them. Plus, they listened to me complain about "the job" for six years and were the first ones I wanted to tell when I was offered it this year.  They get it.  And me.

2 and 3.  My brother and sister:
Our relationships have strengthened over the years.  I can be totally pissed off at them in one minute and completely defend them in the next.  I am the oldest of three and I have always and continue to love them with a fierceness to protect and hover over them.  I have learned that they don't need my protection so our adult friendships have morphed into even playing fields.  While they are the first to frustrate me; they are also the first to support, encourage, and love me.  I am immensely proud of them for where they are in their lives, careers, and with their families. 

4.  My cousin Jodie:
She is my best friend.  She validates me.  She calls me on my shit.  She makes me a better person.  I don't see her near as much as I should (what happened to our monthly dinner visit plan?).  When I do see her, she has to make the trek to us but she never complains about it.  I should make more of an effort but she gets where I am in life and accepts me for it.  She loves my husband.  And she loves my son almost as much as I do.  And she cried about my cat, too. 

5.  My ASB students:
They rock.  They push me to do my best as a teacher.  And they have totally stepped up with a new advisor who knew nothing about their plans for the year.  They know I am a control freak but have understood, better than I it seems, that I would be busy with this new job.  So, they have stepped in when needed, without being asked, and not one single task has been dropped by the team.  That's saying a lot when working with 40+ student-leaders.  And they eat all my candy...which my arse doesn't need, so it's a good thing.

Ok, maybe that wasn't as hard as I thought.  Just don't be mad if you didn't make the list.  It did only allow for five people and these people came to mind tonight. 

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  1. Thank you for making me smile today! I haven't been on the computer for 3 days, and I get to catch up many days at once. I think that the things that we regret are all of the things that make us stronger. I think that we can only learn from things that we feel we didn't do "right". That said...i love you and I am glad that it was only 10 years. It could have been forever. It also means that we have another 45 ahead of us....guess it all depends upon how old I actually get!
    Sorry about Schmoo...I hope that you realize how much he was loved and that you gave him some great years filled with lots of love!


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