Friday, September 24, 2010

What I Can't Live Without

Day 3: Eight things I couldn't live without.

**I'm taking a materialistic angle with this post.  Obviously, it should be known, without saying, that I can't live without my friends and family.

1.  My hair straightener, which keeps me from having wavy, frizzy hair.  This leads leads me to think of my hair dresser, who is actually what I could live without.  Suzy has been my hair dresser for thirteen years.  We have been through many cuts and colors together.  In the past five years, I would say our lives have melded from client-hair-dresser to friends.  For what it is worth, Suzy was on the Biggest Loser in Season 2 but was my hair dresser long before she was a celebrity. 

2.  My Keurig coffee maker.  It's almost been a year since I've converted to the Keurig and I must say, I'll never go back.  I love it.  It's efficient.  It's strong.  And it's WAY cheaper than buying Starbucks every day.

3.  My washer and dryer.  Weird, right?  I love doing laundry.  I love how, when it is done, you know the task is done.  I love how clean and crisp my clothes are after a load of laundry.  And I love the routine of it. 

5.  My laptop.  It's actually the school district's laptop but boy, do I love it.  Updating the blogs.  Facebook.  Email.  Keeps me sane.

6.  My Blackberry Curve.  Two years ago, Eric gave me one for my birthday.  Currently, Eric and I are in negotiations for iPhones.  He wants one.  I don't.  I just love my curve too much to say goodbye.

7.  My house.  I loved it from the minute I pulled up the driveway and opened the front door.  It's quirky.  It's open.  It's full of natural sunlight all year long (we don't have blinds on any windows, except Alexander).  And I truly believe that Alexander was meant to live in this house because the day after we closed on it, we found out we were pregnant.  And I don't really believe in coincidences, ya know?

8.  My job.  I am lucky enough to have found a job that fulfills me to the soul.  I put in 10 hours a day and can't wait to go back and put in another 10 hour day.  Over and over again.  Funny thing is...Eric has found the same thing with his stay-at-home gig.  The happiness in our jobs is something neither of us can live without.

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  1. So...our list is pretty much the EXACT same. Haha! Except I have an iphone, which I could never live without now :-) I swear...we would be the best IRL friends :-)


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