Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I don't eat at work. Ever..

When I get home from work, after I hug my boys, I make a beeline for the kitchen.  Eric stopped me today and asked why I don't eat at work.  Ever.

I have two excuses, which I explained to him. 
As I was grabbing the box of Wheat Thins.

1.  My day is so busy that I have to grab food that is "walkable" for my lunch.  I supervise both lunches by wandering the hallways and stopping in to talk with my friends (who should be teaching but secretly, love when I interrupt their classes).  Today, my food intake consisted of string cheese, carrots, and a handful of wheat thins.  Oh, and part of a protein bar that had the worst texture and completely grossed me out.  It really should come as no surprise that I've lost 7 lbs since I started this new job.  And I don't take the time to really think about making my lunch because well...I don't cook.  Thus, I don't think about preparing food.

2.   I don't like people seeing me eat at work.  I know that is unhealthy behavior.  For those who know me well, this does not come as a huge surprise.  I have an unhealthy relationship with food.   Ask any of my students and most will tell you that they have never seen me eat at work.  In 15 years of teaching, that is the one thing I could never overcome, except during pregnancy when I HAD to eat.  Yes, I know it's weird.  But I have weird food quirks.  And eating in front of students, is one of them.  Don't even get me started about eating meat on the bone.  Shudder.   SO GROSS.

Anyhow, my office is ALWAYS full of kids.  And I'm certainly not going to kick them out so I can eat lunch.  That's just rude. 

So, I don't eat.

I know, it's unhealthy to miss meals. I know I need to make sandwiches or take foods that allow me to eat and walk. I know I should take food that forces me to sit down and eat. I get it .
For crying out loud, I'm a PE teacher and I KNOW that I should eat.

But I don't.
All that being said, we are going to my favorite Italian restaurant tonight!  Spaghetti and red wine.  Deliciousness. 

Too bad I won't be able to eat the leftovers at work tomorrow!

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