Sunday, September 12, 2010

Computer Crash

For years, I have borrowed a computer from the school district.  Never had to pay a dime and the laptop I borrowed always got the job done.

On Thursday night, I turned on the laptop, only to find out it would no longer boot up.

My son's 3 1/2 years of life photos are on that computer. I knew better than to store the photos on a laptop but convenience is a good thing.

Thankfully, we had saved most on a external drive at home.


The school district computer gurus hold the fate of my computer in their hands.

Oy.  I really hate to think we are going to lose year 3 due to a computer glich.

Keep your fingers crossed that all will be well!

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  1. Fingers crossed for year 3! I'm so guilty of putting all my faith and photos on one silly machine...ugh.


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