Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Club and a New Bloggy Look

First, the new blog look. I decided I wanted something bold for the blog.  With the new job, I've found myself having to be rather bold at work. Nothing major.  Yet, my voice is a bit more authoritative.  I am wearing grown up clothes.  And they did give me that new fancy radio, to carry around campus.

So, I decided the blog needed to reflect how I'm feeling.  I have to admit. I love the browns.  I'm not overly keen about the header, though.  It may be the green that is throwing me off.  I'll have to figure out what to do about that piece tomorrow.  What do you think??
*edited to add - I couldn't wait until tomorrow so the header you see now, is the one I think I'll keep
I hosted Book Club tonight.  I hate to choose the book, by the way.  I feel way too much pressure.  So, I researched best seller lists and chose "Opposite of Me" (have YOU read it?), .  I invited my closest girlfriends, via Facebook, chose a date, and asked everyone to come over with snacks and/or beverages in hand.  Like events hosted through ASB at school, I figured I'd give people the opportunity and let them decide for themselves, if they want to be a part of this event or not.  Yes, this meant my worlds of friends had to collide but I was really ok with having high school, college and adult friends hang out. 

There were about 8 of us, plenty of food and wine, and a lot of laughter and discussion. The consesus is that the book is a great beach read, with deeper threads about perception - internal and external.  In hindsight, I should have chose "The Art of Racing" (which I really really enjoyed) but with my sweet kitty being sick, I didn't have the heart to choose a book about an animal.   I really hope we'll continue to meet.  Next meeting we are planning to read, "Are Men Necessary?".  It was suggested as a joke but naturally, we chose it.  None of us are men bashers so it should lead to interesting discussion.

Now, it's a matter of throwing out the date and book title again and let people choose for themselves. 
Either way, I'm in!

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  1. The new blog looks great!! I had to redo mine too-- I didn't think it would matter that much but I think it makes a big difference when it accurately reflects us :0)


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