Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2nd Snow Day is a COLD Day!

Last night, Eric asked me how long of a weekend this holiday weekend will be for me.  SIX DAYS!  Woo-hoo for an extra-long weekend!  Granted, I can't leave our house.  Granted, the temps hit 11 degrees last night.  Granted, more snow is expected.

Despite all of that, I have no complaints about snow days!  I have the Uglies book series to read.  We have Netflix for movies.  I have plenty of cabinets and closets to clean out, Eric went to the store so we have food, and there is an entire yard of snow to play with, if the temps warm up.  And Alexander is loving the games on the (it is rather frightening how well he manuevers the computer mouse).  In truth, snow days have become more about entertaining the toddler, rather than resting the Mommy!  

We are supposed to travel to my grandma's for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  But I'm not sure how much of the family is going to make it.  My cousin Jodie and her boyfriend, Zak, are supposed to travel south to stay with us but with the snow expected, I don't know what they will be able to do. My sweet sister has been stuck at work since she was the only responsible hotel manager who managed to find their way into downtown Seattle.  And there is no way we are driving the 1975 Land Cruiser on the freeway. 

This may be one Thanksgiving where we are simply thankful to be home, safe and warm.

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