Tuesday, November 9, 2010


reading: Sacred Heart by Sarah Duanant.  I'll have it finished tonight so next book is whatever my book club selects this Saturday night.

buying: a new tunic sweater dress.  Of course, I don't know where I'm purchasing said dress but it's next up (once I unearth my credit card after the holidays).  
listening to: Disney's Happy Feet

eating: red beans and rice

wearing: pj pants from the Gap, leadership camp sweatshirt.  And wool socks. It's a cold one tonight!

watching: The Wire, Dexter, and Blue Clues episodes

anticipating: the holidays.  Or a snow day.  Whichever comes first

beginning:  to understand there must be a balance between home and work. 

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  1. Catching up after being out of town! Glad you got out on the pavement! My goal will be to continue to jog... meeting Jen & the 5k was my goal so now I need to keep truckin!

    I laughed at your disdain for the Purp & Gold! ;) Go Dawgs! :)


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