Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Uber Sore.

Remember that four mile run I completed on Saturday?

It kicked my ass.  And my hammys.  And my quads.

In fact, every large muscle group in my body is screaming in defeat. 

The last time I felt this sore, I was a volleyball coach.  During the summer of 2005, I attended the UW coaching clinic.  When the National Champions are in your backyard and you have the chance to learn from the best, you don't pass it up.  Even if you hate the Purple and Gold.

What I thought was going to be a day of learning and observing turned into a day of playing.  FULL ON VOLLEYBALL PLAYING.  I did learn a lot.  About the game.  About players.  About myself.  

A few days after that camp, I went for my first run.  I figured I was already sore so why not push myself a bit further?  I ran a few days a week for about eight months, nothing very serious or regimented, and then I got pregnant.  I know there are a lot of women who run while pregnant.  I know a lot of women who eat while pregnant.  I definitely chose the second category.  Way more fun.

29 weeks
Five years later, I'm running again.
Only this time, I run AND eat.
It's all about finding balance in life, right?

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