Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learning to be Gluten Free

Eric decided about two months ago, he wanted to try a gluten free lifestyle.  He finally had enough evenings spent, curled up with stomach cramps.  If you know Eric, you know he is logical and a researcher.  He started Googling and the next thing you know, he's gluten free.

Being the wonderful, understanding non cooking wife that I am, I have been encouraging it.  I hated seeing the guy in pain!  Eric is a fantastic cook so I knew if he wrapped his head around it, he could find delicious and healthy meals for us.  I may be a picky eater but I will try most things.  Once.  So, when he misses the mark, he really misses the mark.  The pasta meals have been tasty.  The pancakes were terrible.  And most things can be doctored up with salsa.

All this being said, it's been a long two months since we've enjoyed pizza.  For some reason, this is the ONE thing I have missed the most. 

Tonight, he made pizza with chicken. 
Before cooking:

After cooking:
Our Vote:  A solid B.  Needed more spices and different cheeses.  Overall, the crust was tasty and we would do this again.  And by "we", I mean "Eric will make it and I will eat it".

Do you have any gluten free foods or recipes to suggest to us? 
I'd love to pass on your ideas!


  1. On fb join the live glutten freely group. Its fabulous.

  2. I've cut out Gluten and caffeine and I feel so much better. It's difficult to keep up with though.


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