Friday, November 5, 2010

November Goals

Tonight, my school hosted a "date night".  Our high school students are babysitting local kids for a nominal fee so parents can whoop it up, out on the town.  Since its my job to oversee events like this one, I thought Alexander could play while I worked.  And that's how I came to be in my office on a Friday night, with my son running around, loving every minute with big kids.  I was able to clean my office, finish two letters of recommendation, set up a weeks worth of lessons for ASB, answering emails, and other misc tasks.  Oh, and I set up my iPod deck and am LOVING having music in my office!  And now that everything is done and I have 20 minutes to kill, I figured I'd update the blog.

How did I do on my October goals?  I'm certainly curious to find out since I never glanced at them once I wrote them!
Settle into a routine and solid pace at work.  I'm there.  It's pretty smooth sailing.  Check.
I'd like to delve into the administrative pieces of my job. Another check.
I will not log on to the computer on any date night with Eric for the entire month.   The first date night after writing this goal, I had to work on Homecoming stuff so we agreed that night didn't count.  However, I haven't logged on during a date night since and we've watched two full episodes of The Wire.  Check
So, my goal is to meet the girls from work, before school, twice a week to lift weights and hang out. Not. Even. Close.
Think before I commit to anything so I don't bail out on anyone. Check.  It hasn't been easy to say no to events but it's been healthier for me and my family.

Now, what should be my November goals?
  1. Stick to online Weight Watchers for the entire month.  So far, I haven't missed a day since October 16 and I've lost four lbs.
  2. Return all the new clothes that I'm not keeping and put away the credit card until after the holidays.  I've been a bit ridiculous with the online shopping.  Although, I do need new boots...
  3. Keep my cool when I arrive home to find the house looking like a hurricane ran through it.  I am not home so I don't know how the days are going and can't judge that I could do it better than Eric.  I have to trust that Eric is doing the best he can for us.
  4. Since I can't shop for myself, I'll put together holiday wish lists for us 3 and start creating lists for family gifts.  So family - start talking about what you want!
  5. Figure out which pictures to use for the annual Christmas card and have the cards printed.
  6. Read 5 books.  I'm 1 for 5 right now.
  7. Run.  Once a week.  That can't be asking for too much, right? 
Alright, I hear the little man running down the empty school hallways, yelling "Mommy" at the top of his lungs.  Guess he's done with this gig.  Gotta run.  Although, if you recall from the October goals, I don't exactly run these days!.

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  1. Nice job with the October goals! :) And good luck with November! :)


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