Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From 19 - 29...all in one day

No, I'm not talking age.  Although, it did occur to me that there is no other time in my life when I experienced more emotional or professional growth than the years between the ages of 19 - 29.   Think about it.  Life in college.  Graduate from college.  Fall in love.  Fall out of love.  Apply to jobs.  Fall in love again.  Start your first job.  Get married.  Maybe have babies (unless you were me and had NO desire to have a child until you were 32 and didn't end up pregnant til 35 but really, haven't I talked about my infertility issues enough already?) 

 Anyhow, let's get back to the real reason I blogged tonight, shall we?  Refocus...

Yesterday, when I opened up my Weight Watchers online account, a brand new number flashed at me.  And that brand new number is one I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.  No, it wasn't a new lower weight.  I wish it was that easy!  The new number was the point value suggested that I eat in a day to lose weight on the WW system.  Typically, I eat 19 points a day.  If you are on WW, you're still with me at this point in the blog.  For those of you who haven't a clue and are starting to think of all the other things you could be doing with your time right now,  I'll give a brief synopsis.  The basic idea with WW is that every food has a point value assigned to it and, based on your weight loss/maintenance plan, you can eat a certain number of points (depending on height, weight and activity levels).  You're welcome.  Let's move on.

In a 24 hour period, I went from 19 to 29 points.  Holy Lots of Points Batman.

Naturally, I freaked out.  Why in the world would I want MORE points?  More points equals MORE FOOD which turns to FAT!!  What are these people doing to me?

So, while I frantically tried to figure out how to revert to the old program, I did what any freaked-out-insecure-woman-standing-on-the-ledge would do.  I texted my co-worker who is a WW leader and asked her talk me off the ledge.  She called me, laughed at me, and then spent a good half hour, explaining the new program to me.  She reassured me it works.  After two months, she has 29 points and hasn't gained a pound.  She could be right.

Turns out they just wanted people to eat better food so they assigned new point levels to all foods.  Most point values increased, thus, MY point values increased. 


Turns out 29 points isn't going to make me fat after all.

p.s.  those christmas presents behind my head are for your family, Liz and Jeff.
p.p.s  for those who are wondeirng, that beer in front of me is worth 5 points.  Good thing I have 29 in a day, right?


  1. Hmm...this new plan sounds interesting!!! For the first time in a LONG time...I am not trying to lose weight. But if the holidays come at me in full force like they always do, I may have to sign back up in January. Ha! P.S. That must be one delicious beer for 5 points. Enjoy it by having 2. Haha!

  2. I heard about the new WW changes - thanks for explaining them! I used to be a big WW fan, but I was totally one of those people who would fill up on junk (you know - those 1 point WW twinkie things) instead of actually eating better food. This makes me think about maybe joining WW again!


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