Monday, November 22, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Let me state, for the record, that I hate snow.  Pure and simple.  Hate. It.

Yet, this is what I see when I look outside my windows.

The snow started this morning at 5:30AM and didn't let up until well after noon.
School was and stayed in session, throughout the snowfall.  I spent my day, wearing two coats, a sweater, thick gloves, and my Ugg boots, walking around campus.  Apparently, as administration, our job includes telling kids to drop the snowballs, stop sliding down hills, slow down the cars in the parking lot, and answer 100 times, why we aren't going home early.  Needless to say, I was cranky and cold by the time the district let everyone leave an hour early (especially once I found out I couldn't leave until the last kid was off campus).

Fortunately, the roads were bare and wet and I made it home just fine.  Right now, the snow is dumping again, temps are falling, and I could care less because I have a nice hot buttered rum to warm my chilled bones.

What is your vote on snow?  Love it or Hate it?


  1. You are my daughter. Love it from the inside. Dislike it outside...and we forgot to purchase the captain and my favorite hot butter batter.

  2. We make the BEST hot buttered rum mix @ the family biz!!! ;)

    Love snow! Looooove it! Hate the way everyone b*tches endlessly about it (not sayin' that's you!) But really, when do we ever get THAT much? It'll be gone by turkey day & we'll be back to the rain! Which, I don't mind either. What I really hate is the way the news sensationalizes everything and acts as if we're all in Antarctica! ;)

    Hang in there, it'll be gone soon!!!


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