Friday, June 22, 2012


Bonnie at Life of Bon stopped by my little blog world the other day (THANKS!) and noticed I am a reader.  She suggested I read The Help.  Her English teacher self also graciously ignored the grammatical and spelling errors that often splatter across my blog.  Phew.  Well my new friend, I read The Help and I LOVED it.  But I haven't seen the movie.

 Seems to met that Hollywood is turning every book into a movie these days.

Books are an escape.  A place that only comes to reality in my mind.
9 times out of 10, Hollywood does not get it right.
Even Disney doesn't get the story right.
Read Little Mermaid.  You'll see what I mean.

I want to like books-turned-movies.  I really do.
I just can't.

Of all the books-turned-to movies that have been made, the ONLY one that I believe is any good is Shawshank Redemption.
I saw the movie before the book.  I was completely taken by surprise when I found out the book was written by Stephen King.  It is the only Stephen King book I have ever read.  I have yet to like a Stephen King book (my brother loves them) but I was willing to pick this one up because of the movie.
It did not disappoint me.

Several books that I want to see the movie but can't pull the trigger are

I even rented The Help through Netflix TWICE and couldn't put it in the machine. 
Water for Elephants is my favorite go-to book for summer.  It's sitting on my night stand waiting for me. 
I ADORED this book.  However, all the trailers I have seen do not match what is in my head. 
As I was writing this post, Eric reminded me that I have made him watch one certain book-turned-movie every time it is on TV.
 Can you blame me?

I'm counting down the days until Alexander is old enough for me to start reading the books to him every night!

Speaking of movies...
THIS is one I won't miss this summer!
I guess you could say Batman came from a book...a comic book. 
Whatev.  I love me some Christian Bales!

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  1. You're hilarious. I generally like movies that were made from books, but I always like the book more. I liked seeing the sets in Memoirs of a Geisha though because they were even better than I pictured.


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