Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Flair

This girl is getting married.
No, not the blonde.

That beautiful brunette is my cousin and best friend Jodie.
She's about the only person I'd be willing to stand beside, at the age of 40, as her maid of honor. 
Or is that matron of honor?

I couldn't be happier to stand beside my beloved Jodie as she says "I do" in August.

Ever since we bought the dresses a few months ago, I've put together a hair plan.  Is that silly?  I say no.  It's very me to have a plan.  Even though all eyes will be riveted to the beautiful bride, I do love a chance to be girlie girl.

Here's the dress...
Love, right?

I used to think I wanted long flowy curls for the wedding.
Now, I think I'm in love with a messy bun.

Either way, I have officially agreed to wear hair flair. 

Naturally, I'll wear whatever the bride says I should.
Which do YOU think is the best?

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  1. Love the messy bun. I'm thinkin that route myself. As for the hair flair, I say more flower or comb than headband. I could possible be swayed by a really cute headband though. I"M SO EXCITED!!! LOVE!


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