Sunday, June 17, 2012

My dad has a new kidney!

About 12 hours after writing that last post, I'm home from the hospital.  Phew.  What a day.

Dad has a new kidney.  And a new lease on life.

Sure, we have to wait to see if his body will accept the new kidney.  He's basically going to feel like hell for the next few months and until the six month anniversary, we'll wonder if this new kidney will stay in the family or not.  It won't be an easy road but this road has GOT to be better than dialysis. 

In time, he will be able to travel with my mom.  Play poker on Friday nights with his lifetime buddies.  Celebrate his grandchildren graduating from high school, start careers and families of their own. 

Life starts new for my dad.

Not a bad ending to this Father's Day after all. 

Don't be surprised if my next post includes a picture of the kidney.  I totally made the nurse send me a picture.  For blogging purposes, of course!


  1. SO HAPPY TO READ THIS!!!! Oh my gosh...that his a huge Father's Day gift. A new, healthy kidney. Praying LOTS and lots for your family and especially your Dad. Keep us posted honey :-)

  2. Thanks, Jen! It is all a bit surreal but he continues to heal and get stronger each day!


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