Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Happy Friday!

Just a couple of random items running through my head:
  • This lovely lady had a baby yesterday morning!  I can't wait to smell that sweet baby's neck.  Yea, that's my favorite spot on a newborn. 
  • Thanks to this lovely lady, my awesome mother in law,
    Eric and I were able to spend a few hours tackling our overgrown yard yesterday.  Yea, it takes two of us to make it look like someone's been working.  Thanks for the help, Betsy!
  • I'm REALLY excited to shower this lovely lady with bridal love tomorrow!
  • My dad is out of the hospital and living in a hospital-support hotel, located right across the street.  The kidney still isn't doing it's thing.  The doctors haven't given up hope so neither have we.  Mom says everyone in the hospital loves my chatty Dad.  My dad just knows how to work a crowd.   I'll see you on Monday, Dad.  I love you!
  • I miss having short hair.
    When this wedding is over, I'm chopping it all off again!
  • I may or may not have checked out a fancy pants camera from school.  Eric has always been the fancy photographer and I've been perfectly happy with my little point and shoot camera (see photo above for evidence!).  I decided I'd use this bad boy all summer and upgrade at Christmas, if I liked using it.
  • Here are a couple of practice shots - with no editing and absolutely no idea how to use the camera.

  • Pretty sure I'm upgrading!

  •  Now that I know I want a fancy pants camera, I'm itching to buy a fancy pants camera bag from my friend Jen, over at The Polka Dot Posie  She and her mom create everything and everything is SO cute!  This is the camera bag I am eyeing. Melinda, I know you've got a fancy pants camera - you should go check it out!

  • Well, that's all that brewing up in my head.  Today is all about final prepping for the pirate party.   Bathrooms to be cleaned.  Floors to be scrubbed.  Laundry to be finished.  And final decorations to hang up!  But I gotta pop a couple of Advil...all that yardwork yestereday made me SOOOOORE!
Have a good weekend!!


  1. 1. I LOVE your hair short. I love it long too, but you had the cutest angled bob EVER!! Choppity chop girl :-)

    2. What camera did you rent? I just got the Canon T3 and I'm in love. Like...I want to sleep with it at night because I am scared someone will steal it. haha!

    3. THANK YOU so much for linking up to our shop honey!!!! You are a doll. We actually have a coupon code right now for 10% off! Just enter HAPPYFOURTH2012 at checkout :-)

    4. I am LOVING this new blog redo I am working on for you. It still needs tweaks and i am waiting on a special clip art frame but you can count on it going live next week sometime!!

  2. Gosh, I haven't been to your blog in ages!!! Glad to catch up a tad and hear that your dad is doing better. Ugh, such rough things for families to go through.

    I still think we should make a meet up happen... I'm still trying to get Jen out here for a visit!!! :-) Take care and I hope I will be back sooner rather than later.


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