Wednesday, June 13, 2012

love of music

Sorry I'm not writing these days. I'm currently in love with music. This first song I heard at the talent show, played by members (several favorite students) of the jazz band. When I hear it, I think of them. Song number 2 was introduced to me by a student, when he learned I was listening to less-than-mainstream music these days. It reminds me of the music Eric introduced to me when we were young and in college. It makes me smile. My last new fave is one I heard on the radio. Sunny day. Great song. What's not to love? Melinda, you might recognize this from Glee... 1. Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks 2. Mumford and Sons - The Cave 3. Florence and the Machine - Dog Days I tried to link to YouTube but I'm on my iPad and it looked terrible when I posted links. Don't worry, I still love me some 80s hair bands. It's just nice to change things up once in awhile!

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